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Valencia Dantzler aka Mother Diva, is A & R Midwest promoter. She is the official Madam Ambassador of House Music. Her responsibilities include promoting ACEBEAT music and recording artists to the Midwest region (Chicago, Detroit, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri Wisconsin).Her responsibilities also include  delivering music to DJ's ,radio stations, and venues.She also secures media opportunities for  artists and staff members and is the labels entertainment consultant.



About Us

The little label with a big sound that has defined the sound of New Jersey and Dance Music over the years to become one the most prominent label to many in dance music History around the world. Founded in 1985 Acebeat is much more than just a music label it has become a power house with a message to uplift people and tell of the Good News Changing the world through music.




The many sides of Acebeat Corporation are...


1.Music licensing - with a catalogue of music and songs ideal for your movie soundtrack, video work an alike.


2. Song writing and Composing - with a staff of highly professional composers we can help give you that next great CD.


3. Our online Radio Station - with over 5,000 faithful Christian listeners tuning in all over the world to hear the Acebeat brand of music.


4. Our line of Christian Fitness Music - one of the Top producer of Christian Fitness music today we're a service to Churches and fitness Centers all over the USA.


Some of The Artist of Acebeat Today

Minister Steve,Ricky Nelson, Charvoni, Louria Matlock, Praise Report, Voices of 6th Ave, Intense, Jazmina . .



Future Goals

Our bed and breakfast inn in metro Atlanta, our Atlanta Recording studio, our NJ Recording studio, our , film work development, our Christian Fitness Centers.


For more info on Acebeat Corp.

Contact us at

Derrick (Ricky) Nelson .



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